Plumbing And Drain Unblocking



Our plumbing services are available 24 hours including week-ends and public holidays.   A burst pipe does not have to flood the entire home until morning, we are available right away.

That blocked drian also does not have to fill the entire neighbourhood with a bad smell until Monday, we will unblock it for you right away.

Our plumbers are experienced and we confidently give you a six month workmanship guarantee on any work they do.

Call us for any of the following:

  • Clearing of blocked drains
  • Repair and replacement of burst pipes.
  • Repairing of leaks.
  • Installation of plumbing in new buildings and connection to water mains.
  • Repair of geysers.
  • Extending plumbing to new additions to your home.
  • Connection of new plumbing extentions to water mains.
  • Repair of damaged and leaking fittings
  • Repair and replacement of toilet cistern components.

All our services are available 24 hours.

All work is done at your premises.

We are available on all public holidays. 


We give special discounts for ladies and pensioners.

Please note that these discounts apply to domestic and residential work only


All work done by us is covered by a six month guarantee on workmanship.

In addition to the workmanship guarantee, we also give you the supplier's guarantee on spares.


No call out fee is charged if we do the work for you.

Please note that a call out fee will be charged if you only require a quotation and no work is done.